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Real 6 Star rating new home design

Anyone can give you a 6 star rating new home design but that does not mean it is achieving what was really intended by the 6 star rating code.

Will your new home be as efficient as it should or could be?

In fact, 6 star is the minimum required by law but it can be a higher rating with some thought.

Insulation and double glazing will get 90% plus homes across the line but is that really doing the job and what was intended when the rating system was set up?

We don't think so. What about correct orientation and use of the sun and shading?

We will show you how to maximise the 6 star rating system so that your building costs less and your home is easy to heat and cool.

Assuming you want to get the best out of your 6 star rating......

6 star rating homes
How to use the sun is one of the most important aspects of the 6 star rating

Many people believe that by facing a living/family area towards North that this is using the sun correctly.

It is not that simple!

The sun changes height throughout the year and therefore, controlling how much sun comes into your home is a science and critical to your optimum result.

So, we want to minimise the amount of summer sun and maximise the winter sun. Fortunately, the sun's height can be plotted for any exact day and time of the year. This is a known scientific fact and the calculations are simple. Hence, when building your home, Prime-Metro can discuss your requirements and design the home accordingly.

As an example, you may wish to have the sun come in until the end of Spring being 30 November or only partial sun. Whichever, we can design or modify your home design to suit.

6 star rating

The style of shading and the distance out from the house needs to be considered . All of which becomes relevant to the size of windows and the amount of sun to be permitted into the home. The requirements for your home will be discussed with you to ensure optimum results.

More to come soon....


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