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Do you want a really good builder to do the right thing by you and at a competitive price, with the right plan?

"Of course, who wouldn't."

So, here is some information that exposes some of the traps of the building industry and how Prime Metro operate differently to build your new home in a highly professional, ethical and price competitive manner. We call this best builders practice.

• No subcontracting the builder
Many of the big display home companies are not really builders. Sure, they may have a builders license but they do not build your home. They subcontract out the home to a builder whom you do not know. In other words, its an illusion! What they really should be called is a "home marketing company who finds you a builder after you sign the contract".

Now in essence, all builders are home marketing companies but the distinction is, whether you can meet and see the work of the real builder before you sign a contract and are stuck with that builder.

With Prime Metro, as best builder practice, you can meet our actual builder, real person, before you sign a contract. This is the person who is ultimately responsible for the quality and consistency of the workmanship and building your home on time.

• Competitive Pricing
We know we are extremely competitive, we have to be to survive amidst the big production home companies. Also, by comparison to the big display home companies, we do not have huge overheads or waste money on lavish media or publications to wow you. These aspects in combination ensure our very competitive pricing.

• Accessible and Simple Administration
In a few words, you will not be given the run-around! Our administration system is simple and easily accessible. Importantly, we take ownership and if there is a problem or concern to be sorted out, it is acted on quickly and efficiently. You will not be treated as a number!

• Realistic Site Work Costs
The amount of new home buyers we have met that have been given unrealistic site costs estimates by display home companies only to find the figure rises dramatically at contract stage is appalling. Typically quoted $10,000 as an 'allowance' only to end up with figures as much as $80,000 at the time of signing contracts. In other words, the poor buyer has only been confronted by the truth at the point of being asked to sign their contract instead of being advised in good time before.

This is not an isolated practice. Many are quoted $10,000 'allowance' only to be charged $30,000 or $60,000 plus at contract stage and it is one almighty suprise. By contrast, Prime Metro will give you the facts upfront and seek to establish the site costs asap so there are no nasty suprises.

The thing to realise, is that no one can tell you what the site costs will be until soil tests, a contour and feature survey, and engineers reports are obtained. However, it is imperative to find out before you get to contract stage rather than face the massive cost blow out or worse, the disappointment of not being able to proceed. And especially, to see if you are subject to over inflated site costs prices, clawing back special offers and/or bonus inclusions.

Prime Metro as best builders practice, encourages you to find out the costs before contract stage. The first step is for us to conduct a pre-assessment of your site where we can give you a pre-estimate.
Then, to fix the price, we need to complete soil tests, surveys and engineers reports before proceeding further. Yes, that will mean you need to outlay some money, but the soil test and engineers report etc remain your property. And, these reports are necessary regardless of the builder but should be completed before getting to contract stage so you know what is required.

One thing to bear in mind, is that it is not all about the contour and soil classification. It is also about what works are included in the builders standard specification. Typically, Prime Metro has a lot more included to start with, hence, our final site costs are realistic and non-inflated.

• Detailed Quotations
To be a quotation, it needs to be in writing. Then, your job if you are wanting to compare, is to go through all of the standard inclusions and the additions required for items above standard. There is no doubt that this is a difficult process and most people despite best efforts, are not really skilled enough to make accurate comparisons. Many big display home companies count on your lack of skill. It is often what they don't say in their quotations that is more important than what is stated. All Prime Metro can say is that we will discuss your individual wishes and requirements in depth with you and ensure all items are detailed in the quotation. At the end, when apples-for-apples are compared, our pricing is extremely competitive. Remember, we have to be to survive!

• Timely Commencement and Completion
From the day you sign a building contract and you provide other essential information or permits to us such as finance approval, a building permit will be obtained within 45 days. Then work on site will commence within 21 days of receiving a building permit and approved plans. The contract will require the builder to complete your home within a specified time in the contract. This time is a clearly defined and will ensure construction is completed in a timely manner. In the unlikely event of a run over time, a penalty payment to you is specified in the building contract.

• Supervision of the Build
One of the major aspects to ensuring your home is built to a consistent standard of workmanship is to have your home closely supervised during building. Prime Metro homes are closely supervised with a nominated supervisor who is not over subscribed. This means he can do his job properly because he does not have too many homes to supervise at one time.

We hope this information helps




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