How To Invest In Property


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How To Invest In Property

Investment in property can offer you a very safe and powerful investment return, when you know how.

In fact, many will earn at least 20% p.a. safely and when we say safely, we mean safely.

How come these properties yield so much and safely?

Well that is what we want to show you.

Look at the properties below, these are all capable of creating 16% p.a. or more for you.

But ask yourself, do you notice anything different about these investment properties to others you have seen?

You would be right if you said "No, they just look like other properties".

You see, many properties can create a return of at least 16% p.a. on your money. However....

Not all investment properties offer safety!

And... not all of the properties pictured will provide the safety that we believe you should have when investing.

So, we want to show you and better still, help you create the wealth you deserve, by structuring a safe and profitable return from investment property.

Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify to do this. But one thing is for sure, if you have good equity in your own home and a reliable income, then you are very likely to be able to qualify.

If you are ready to find out how it all works, click here for an obligation free introduction to investment properties that offer great returns safely

by the way... not many people know how the 16% p.a. is created, even many experienced property investors.

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7 Knowledge Keys you must know before purchasing any investment property

We believe that it is critical that you know the following 7 knowledge keys before you purchase any investment property.

Remember that whilst these knowledge keys may be new to you, it is not rocket science and it is delivered to you in a easy-to-understand format.

  1. The Investment System Duo - Did you know that there are officially only two investment systems that operate in Australia? You should know what these two systems are and how to use them.

  2. The Power of 72 - There is one key 'universal' rule that will instantly help you determine the viability and accuracy of any investment growth forecast.

  3. The Median Property Farce - Why Median property prices should not be relied upon when purchasing an investment property. You will understand why and how to assess future growth potential.

  4. The Investment Property Turbo Dynamics - When assessing whether investment property is right for you, it is in your best interest for you to truly understand the dynamics that literally turbo charge investment properties.

  5. The S.Q.L.M. Safety Formula - How to provide safety for your property investment so that you avoid unnecessary risks and maximise returns.

  6. The Property Valuations Impact - Property valuations are a critical element of owning property, whether it be owner occupied or investment property. You will learn how they impact on your property and how to work with the valuation system.

  7. The Investment Property Growth Myth Buster - There is one massive myth in property that we will expose so that you can make a more accurate assessment of what will deliver the best combination performance and safety for investment property.


here is some very important reading when buying investment property

So what is the difference between earning 10% p.a. and 16% p.a. ?

Well let us examine a little conservative example.

Let's say a property only doubles in value in 12 years, even though the average is 7 to 10 years.

If you purchased a property for say $360,000 it would create around $205,000 profit or equity in 10 years. Whereas, an investment earning 10% p.a. would create around $144,000 profit.

That is $61,741 extra for the same amount of work or

a massive 43% more !

It is important to understand that compound interest is extremely powerful. So too is financial leverage.

10% to 16% interest or investment return is notjust 4% more. There is a 'J Curve' phenomenon which makes the massive difference.

Financial leverage also makes a massive difference.

click here if you are ready for an obligation free chat to see if this could work for you

We have a free service which explains how investment property works and why it could be the best and most powerful investment you will ever own. BUT .... not all property is suitable, we will show you why and what to buy...

Tax Investment Property

There is no obligation, just find out how it could work for you and you decide if it suits you.

There is nothing to lose in finding out.


here is some very important reading when buying investment property


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